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lighting ossining nyThe experienced electricians at Twinson Electric install all types of interior and exterior lighting in Ossining and the surrounding areas. Our clients have come to us for all sorts of projects, from installing security lights for added property protection to trendy low voltage lighting for their kitchens. Whatever type of lighting installation project you have in mind, our electricians can take care of it for you with precision and ease.

Call Twinson Electric's team of lighting installation specialist today for any of the following services:

  • Interior Lighting Installation
  • Exterior Lighting Installation
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Security Lighting
  • Low Voltage Lighting
  • Pool Lighting

LED Lighting Upgrades

LED Lighting Upgrades ossining nyThe outside of your home is just as important to illuminate as the inside is. And the types of light you choose for the interior and exterior of your home will affect security and energy efficiency.The existing light fixtures in your home can be converted to LED. This is called an LED retrofit in electrical service industry terms, or more commonly an LED lighting Upgrade.

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Lighting Installation

lighting installation ossining nyOur team of electricians offer lighting installation for various types of light fixtures, including but not limited to: pendant lights, recessed lighting, track lighting, interior lighting, exterior lighting, security lighting, pool lighting, ceiling fans with lights, and more. If you need lights installed in the Ossining area, give Twinson Electric a call today!

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Landscape Lighting

landscape lighting ossining nyEnhance your home's curb appeal and safety with properly designed and installed landscape lighting from our team of professionals. Landscape lights can really change the way your home looks at night - not to mention ensure you and visitors to your home have a safe and illuminated path for getting to, from and around your property's exterior. Aside from the aesthetic benefits, landscape lighting can also increase the security of your property by deterring criminals.

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Security Lighting

security lighting ossining nyWant to deter criminal activity but don't want to invest in an extensive landscape lighting project? Give our experts a call today to learn about the various type of security lighting we can install for you. From flood lights to motion-sensor lighting systems, our electrical experts will help you navigate the lighting market to help you find the perfect security lights for your property.

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Low Voltage Lighting

low voltage lighting ossining nyLow voltage lighting is defined as being between 50-1,000V Alternative Current, or 120-1,5000V Direct Current. This simply means that they need less electricity than standard light fixtures. Our lighting installers can provide you with a variety of low volt lighting solutions, including the ever popular track lighting, recessed lights, and even chandeliers. Give us a call today to learn more about the low voltage lighting solutions available for your home.

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Pool Lighting

pool lighting ossining nyPool lighting installation and repair work is another service our electricians offer homeowners in the Ossining area. It's very easy for problems to arise when water and electricity are in the same vicinity, so it's extremely important that the wiring for your pool's lighting is totally up to code and professionally installed. You should always hire an electricians that is qualified, licensed, and experienced to perform any pool lighting job. Otherwise, you may not pass code inspections, and you could face serious injuries.

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If you are looking for a reliable electrician that installs exterior and interior lighting, please call 914-762-4342 or complete our online request form.

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